Current campaign #Pause

COVID-19 is already wreaking havoc on our economy and putting enormous strain on our NHS. Yet the government is continuing to insist that they will walk away from negotiations if no agreement is reached by the end of June. This isn’t about Brexit. It isn’t about whether you voted leave or remain. This is about doing what is in the national interest.

Here are five ways you can add your voice to the call for the Government to put country before ideology and support an extension to the transition period.

1. Write to your MP and copy in Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy

The email addresses for Islington’s two Labour MPs, Lisa and Keir are:

  • Islington South and Finsbury –
  • Islington North –   
  • Lisa Nandy –
  • Keir Starmer –

It is most effective if your letter is personal and includes examples of the impact the end of the transition period would have on you, your family and friends. Pressure from business owners, self-employed, artists, academics or any other professionals is particularly important.

Sample letters containing ideas for writing to your MP are below. Ideally tailor your letter, if you don’t have time just use the sample. Remember to include your full name address including postcode.

2. Add your name to petitions

It costs nothing to sign petitions and sometimes a big one breaks through and has an impact. So join tens of thousands of others by signing these three calling for a transition extension. The European Movement petition is a campaign petition, while the Parliamentary petition is a debate petition aiming to obtain a debate in parliament.

3. Get active on social media

Send a message on social media to say you’ve written to your local MP or signed the petition and why. Tag your MP in your tweet:

  • @EmilyThornberry
  • @JeremyCorbyn

Also tag @IslingtonIn so we can retweet and use hashtag #Pause or #ExtendTheTransition. Use a photo or image, here are some you can use use.

4. Contact the media

Try to get the same messages in your local paper or call into radio phone-ins. We’re particularly keen to maintain a voice in the letters pages of the main Islington papers:

5. Join our mailing list

Click on the button below to stay up-to-date with our campaign developments and local events: