Our Aims

Campaigning for the UK to stay in, or as close as possible to, the EU

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We are a voluntary, non party political group of committed pro-Europeans campaigning locally and nationally to keep the UK in, or as close as possible to, the EU.

We first campaigned together in the London Borough of Islington in spring 2016 during the EU Referendum campaign under the official ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ banner.

Since reformed as Islington In Europe, we have an active organising committee, a growing database of around 1,000 local followers and a busy programme of activity.

We are affiliated with national level groups pursuing a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal – including Britain For Europe, Open Britain, European Movement, and Best for Britain – and we work hand-in-hand with neighbouring groups.


Islington North window poster

How it could happen. Click here to read the Roadmap to a People’s Vote.