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General Election 2019

Tactical campaigning

Islington in Europe is supporting pro-People’s Vote parties and candidates in marginal and symbolic seats around London:

  • Beaconsfield to re-elect Dominic Grieve (independent)
  • Chingford & Woodford Green to elect Faiza Shaheen (Labour) and oust Ian Duncan Smith
  • Chipping Barnet to elect Emma Whysall (Labour) and oust Theresa Villiers
  • Richmond Park & North Kingston to elect Sarah Olney (Lib Dem) and oust Zac Goldsmith¬†
  • St Albans to elect Daisy Cooper (Lib Dem)¬† and oust Anne Main

We are out every Saturday, Sunday and many weekdays in between. If you can help at all during the campaign, we’d love to hear from you. Please email islington.in.europe@gmail.com

Why are you not campaigning in Islington itself?

This General Election is a fight for the soul of Britain. Boris Johnson poses a clear danger to the future wellbeing of our society and economy. But it is also a huge opportunity for us – more than three years on from the referendum, we are still in the EU and can still stop Brexit.

Here at Islington In Europe we usually stay out of the party political fray. But it’s clear our goal of getting a new referendum and stopping Brexit means we must deny Boris Johnson as many seats as possible in this new Parliament. Whatever it takes, we need people around the UK to vote tactically on 12 December, perhaps to hold their noses, to support the pro-People’s Vote candidates most likely to deny seats to the Tories. That of course varies from place to place and a number of websites are being set up to provide advice once all of the candidates and manifestos are confirmed.

On the ground we want to play an active part in support of candidates that have a good chance of denying the Tories seats. This means focussing what time and effort we can outside of Islington itself, which is not a key battleground in that respect. We hope Brexit will be a hot topic among the local candidates here but, crucially, there is no likely threat of a Tory being elected in Islington.

So we are casting our net further afield, to constituencies within travelling distance where we know there are good pro-Europe candidates who will welcome our help and, if elected, will work hard in Parliament to keep the UK in the EU.

Tactical voting

There are a number of very good websites for helping you decide how to vote tactically where you live. Each is based on slightly different objectives, criteria and data. We recommend visiting a number to compare the advice given before coming to your conclusions. We will post links to them here as we find them:

Campaign planning group

In addition to public activities, we have a campaign planning group which meets privately every few weeks to review progress and develop future activities. We’re always on the lookout for new active members, so if you’re interested please email islington.in.europe@gmail.com